Estrella Damm Ladies Open 2022 - Of the 7 to 10 July at Golf Terramar

The competition is held at the Club de Golf Terramar between 26 and 29 of September
this tournament, integrated into the European Tour, is a pioneer in some of its environmental actions

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The Estrella Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open, integrated within the Ladies European Tour tournament will take place between 26 and 29 of September, will employ a series of actions in order to promote sustainability, becoming a pioneer in its performances.

Those responsible for the organization want to stand out, outside the undoubted sporting event that generated the presence of the best European players, with ecological and sustainable side of this competition, which will be seen through television broadcasts in more than one hundred countries around the world.

Iñigo Aramburu, tournament promoter, notes that “There can not be a more appropriate place for an ecological initiative than Terramar Golf Club, which faces the Mediterranean Sea, in a town very committed to sustainability and the environment, without going any further with their project Clean Beaches 2030 or seal Biosphere, a sustainable tourism certification that is internationally recognized”.

"All these aspects," continues Iñigo Aramburu- "make Sitges is one of the most beautiful and impressive stops on the calendar of the Ladies European Tour and it was listed by the players last year as one of the best locations on the circuit”.

Meanwhile, Tomás González, acting director of Club de Golf Terramar, stresses that “The field is irrigated with reclaimed water from the Sitges-Sant Pere de Ribes treatment plant, culminating the project after several years of administrative procedures. Thus a small percentage of reclaimed water that went into the sea, we get it and give it tertiary treatment to make it suitable for irrigation”, apart from using renewable energy for certain services.

In this context of widespread awareness, both participating golfers and spectators who come to watch the tournament will also contribute their bit for the sake of sustainability.

To do so they encourage journeys which are made by bike, taking advantage of the proximity of the golf course´s accommodations, using electric vehicles wherever possible to address those needs that require the transport of packages of significant size.

Additionally, thanks to the involvement of some partners of Terramar, players may choose to stay in private homes and live tournament week in a different way, a pioneering initiative in Spain that surely will generate unique experiences both for players and partners hosts.

And within the Terramar Golf Club, recycling will be pushed for all types of materials, installing various containers at different points to be effective.

Likewise, plastic cups are replaced by biodegradable ones, made from 100% plant materials, while in the field of catering, similar products will be used.

Finally, the club will be reduced to the maximum paper consumption, leveraging the use of technology, promoting the need for information to be covered by electronic devices.

Estrella Damm on the Mediterranean Ladies Open

The Estrella Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open, which reaches its third edition, is a professional women's golf tournament integrated into the European Tour to be held 26 to 29 of September at the Club de Golf Terramar Sitges (Barcelona), which will bring together the best players in golf on the Old Continent. At the conclusion of the final day on Sunday 29, Estrella Damm Trophy will be awarded to the winner. Estrella Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open is the second European Tour event to be held in Spain in 2019.